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The Water Issue


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Issue 1 speaks to the water crisis and opportunities unfolding around us: the potential of fog, icebergs and wastewater; the rise of waterless beauty; news ways on farming; the tools to stop Water Wars; innovations to fight water scarcity at home.

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We have no substitutes for water. About 7.7 billion people have inherited the Earth and nearly two billion struggles daily to survive without clean water. The water crisis is not imminent. It is here! Now!
Contrary to what many people think, this crisis is not just a problem for developing countries. It’s already impacting everyone, everywhere.
The climate is changing drastically. Pollution is corrupting our freshwater supply sources. Infrastructures are failing faster than they can be repaired. And every day there are more people in the world, all thirsty for water.

But the solutions already exist. Right now, around the world, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs are working to reinvent the way to generate, supply and clean the water we all depend on. The Water Issue brings us the stories that need to be shared.


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