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The Fashion Issue


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Issue 2 speaks to the fashion industry and opportunities unfolding around us: antidotes for fast fashion; fabrics of the future; closing the loop on textile factories; reducing fabric waste; regenerative fashion.

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The numbers are scary, but that doesn’t make Fast Fashion’s production slow down. Not least because the overall consumption of clothing is expected to increase by 63% by 2030, when the world population will consume an impressive 102 million tons of clothing. How do brands respond to this demand? Easy! With polyester.
Global consumption of cheap synthetic fibers has exploded and this textile avalanche expected over the next few years will consist of 70% polyester. Polyester that takes almost 200 years to decompose! A very high environmental cost for something produced to have such a short lifespan.
Faced with a fashion too cheap to be appreciated and valued, what can we do?

The Fashion Issue brings us the stories that need to be shared.


20 x 26,5 cm